(NL) At 50 million and counting, the U.S. Latino audience is growing faster, both in size and buying power, than any other demographic. And Latino consumers are embracing online media at a rapid rate. To reach them profitably, you need to deliver the right message at the right time in the right context—at the best cost.

Digilant makes it easy by providing customizable targeting solutions to reach the growing Latino segment.

AIM Latino aggregates data from a variety of sources—including proprietary information—to provide the most sophisticated and precise real time targeting and bidding techniques available. Target by language, geography, online behavior, and page context for thousands of pre-selected Latino URLs. And we use no personally identifiable information, adhering to privacy standards.

Our system simplifies the challenge of marketing to U.S. Latino consumers, maximizing your return on media investment, while freeing you to focus on your company’s marketing strategy.

Intelligent Bidding
AIM Latino’s real time bidding engine incorporates campaign learnings over time to generate the most cost-effective media placements, fully aligned with your Latino marketing strategy. So you can make the most of your media investments.

Our AIM Latino can target by:

Behavioral Targeting using third party data to match ads according to actual online user behavior.

Demographic Targeting based on age, gender and income obtained from site registration or by inference.

Language Targeting to identify browsers with default Spanish language.

Geographic Targeting by zip code, post code, area code, market, state, or county.

Look-alike Segmentation to model consumers with similar, productive profiles.

Power Retargeting that analyzes individual user interactions to enable truly personalized, creative re-messaging to increase conversions.

Retargeting to capture recency, day part and frequency. So you can find high-value consumers,  wherever they are on the web.

Types of Media
AIM currently features multiple display, video, and mobile advertising formats.

Display: Standard banners, rich media, expandables

Video: Pre-roll, post-roll, in-banner and interstitial

Mobile: Display, expandables, video